About Soi Joi

 I have an embarrassing affinity towards shoes that cause me to have uncontrollable waves of emotions.  Depending on the style and contours, construction, fabric and materials used I may often want to bite them to savor the taste of leather and fabric in my mouth or just walk around naked wearing only shoes while eating ice cream and drinking beer.

Seriously, I simply love shoes and see them as miniature pieces of beautiful architecture that sometimes make me feel like a superhero. They also enhance my confidence and make me feel more empowered.  I feel sexier, taller, wilder and more spontaneous.

My name is Soi Joi, I am a bartender and it pays the bills.

Welcome to my blog and my journal. I hope in my writing I am able to find answers that will give me some deeper insight into why shoes drive me crazy.  

Join me on this journey.  The more, the merrier.


2 thoughts on “About Soi Joi”

  1. I get this. Can’t say that I understand it, but I get it.

  2. Haha! Think you’re the funny gal. 🙂

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